Greens & Village Point Partner on 2019 Gourmet Nights

One of the major highlights of 2018 for us so far has been our partnership with Greens of West Didsbury. In June, we hosted an exclusive gourmet evening where guests were served prosecco, canapés and an incredible 3-course gourmet vegetarian dinner prepared and served by acclaimed TV chef Simon Rimmer and the Greens team. It also included a selection of fine wines, showcased by Master Sommelier Nigel Wilkinson. The night was a resounding success with all involved; us at Village Point, the team at Greens, and all the guests who came along for the experience. Also, something which happened before the event came much to our surprise – all the tickets sold out within a couple of days!  

Who are Greens?

If you’ve experienced Greens before, you’re probably someone who appreciates vegetarian food, or someone who’s been blown away by how good a meatless meal can taste. The restaurant has built a reputation on surprising even the most hardened carnivores with imaginative dishes packed with flavour and locally-sourced ingredients. It began in 1990 when Simon Rimmer and Simon Connolly saw a vegetarian café for sale in the trendy West Didsbury area. The long time colleagues decided to make an offer, and 12 weeks later found themselves in their new business. They began work on what has become a multi-award winning vegetarian restaurant infused with their central ethos: “It’s not your lifestyle, but your taste buds we care about.” Simon Rimmer – now a well known celebrity chef – still plays a central role in crafting many of the innovative dishes, while Simon Connolly manages the impeccably trained Greens team famous for its warm hospitality and excellent service.  

Plans for 2019 & Beyond

In working with Greens, we discovered we share many of the same values. One of these is delivering five-star, memorable experiences for each and every one of our guests. So we’ll be growing our partnership with Greens and hosting an entire year’s worth of gourmet nights packed with entertainment, fine wines, and the incredible food for which Greens have become so well known. We couldn’t be more excited about the plans, and if you’re interested or new to this kind of experience, we strongly recommend you get on the email list so we can notify you of upcoming events. The last one sold out much quicker than expected, so we’d like to give everyone the chance to buy tickets for all the future events.  

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