Introducing: The Forum Coworking & Events Space


Rendering of Heaton Moor’s upcoming, fully featured coworking space – opening in 2019.


A Recap of Last Week’s Announcement

Last week, we announced some big upgrades taking place at Village Point later this year. If you didn’t catch it yet, it’s well worth a read. It summarises what’s been happening the past two years at the business, and provides some context around our renewed direction towards coworking. The highlights are as follows:

Upgraded Event Space – we’re making some big upgrades in The Ballroom to improve acoustics, storage, and are also increasing our draught beer offering in response to popular demand.

Expanded Coworking Space – we’re significantly expanding our coworking space to include not just Hot Desks, but Private Offices, Phone Booths, a Lounge, and a Kitchen space – all available on flexible monthly membership.

As well as spending time on improving the facility, we’ve also been reflecting on our identity as a company. So today – after months of internal discussions and much deliberation – we’re excited to announce that early in 2019, Village Point will become The Forum Coworking & Event Space. We’ll be providing more details on this over the coming weeks and months, but today we’ll be discussing why we’re changing our name, and what you can do to get involved in Heaton Moor’s growing coworking community.


Why The Name Change?

When we launched in 2016, we intended to run an events business, a workspace, a café, and a piano bar all under one roof. We chose the name “Village Point” as a catchall term to reflect this wide range of services, and the name also had the benefit of embodying some favourable implications (such as the summit of the village, or the centre of the community).

With the passage of time, we’ve found ourselves focussing exclusively on events and coworking. As a result, the venue has become the defacto meeting space for thousands of people, and our identity has drifted away from something generic towards something more specific – a place to meet and share meaningful connections with others. We contemplated a few different names, but always came back to “The Forum” because of its relevance, simplicity, and historical context as the original place to meet. It also fits with our aspirations of building a community where ideas and connections are freely exchanged.

So, from early 2019, a new year and a new name. The change is a reflection of who we’ve become, and will help us build a strong brand in the years ahead. And again, it should be noted that there will be no change in ownership of the company, no change in management, and indeed, no changes for existing or future customers. The upcoming changes are both a response to demand, and an effort to improve the facility for everyone who uses it.


How To Get Involved

Coworking isn’t only for those requiring an office – it’s for a wide range of people with different needs. From networking and local meetup groups, to fully allocated desks and offices, there will be a wide range of options for everyone who wants to grow professionally, connect with peers, or simply have a space to focus and get on with their work.

As it’s still quite early, we will be opening membership on a first come, first serve basis, so it’s highly recommended that you get on the list as soon as possible. There’s no commitment, and you won’t be charged anything. We’ll simply be giving each registrant the opportunity to take a look around the space and begin their membership in the order in which they signed up.

You can register your information on our pre-launch website which goes live today, and we’ll be launching our full, brand new website along with the expanded coworking space in early 2019.



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