by Village Point

We’re committed to providing a safe and hygenic environment so you and your guests can celebrate with peace-of-mind. EventSafe is our comprehensive list of COVID-Secure policies we’ve published to show how our venue meets the highest standards of hygeine for your occasion.

Increased Cleaning Schedules

We’ve increased the frequency and intensity of our daily and weekly cleaning schedules to ensure all aspects of the venue are thoroughly clean and sanitised at all times.

Health-Oriented Behavioural Signage

Behavioural reminders prompt people to take simple steps to prevent the spread of viruses. We publish these steps in the form of helpful signage placed throughout the venue.

Socially Distanced Furniture

Simple, staggered furniture arrangements go a long way to ensuring distancing of guests. In turn, this reduces the overall risk of person-to-person spread of virus particles.

Disposable Mask Availability

We have disposable facemasks available – free of charge – for your and your guests to utilise as they wish. All masks are surgical-grade to prevent the spread of viral particles.

Cashless Transactions

Reducing cash and its hand-to-hand contact has shown to reduce disease transmission, so we’ve eliminated it completely! Pay easily with your mobile phone or card.

Occupant Temperature Checks

All occupants of the building are now screened on entry for body temperature so that we can ensure anyone with a high fever doesn’t enter the building and mix with guests.

Hand Sanitizer Availablity

We’ve procured a steady supply of hand sanitizer which is made freely available throughout the venue via dispenser stations for quick and easy access by all guests.

Upgraded Air Flow & Ventilation

With a large, open and airy venue complete with high ceilings, we already have airflow on our side. We’ve upgraded it even further with improved ventilation

Table Service

We’ve transformed our payment systems to become mobile-friendly. This means our staff can come to your table so you don’t have to crowd around the bar.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

We’re a UK government approved business to issue rapid COVID-19 tests to our employees. We do this on a regular basis to ensure the health and safety of our team.