Love Where You Spend Your 9-5

Infused with nature, culture, and community, coworking spaces offer a superior alternative to the traditional office setup.

What is Coworking?

Coworking spaces have exploded in both demand and quantity globally over the past 10 years, but because they’re still a relatively new concept, a lot of people are left asking, “what is a coworking space?” Put simply, it’s a space designed for the new way to work – an increasingly remote world where people need a space away from home equipped with everything they need to support their workday (from open plan work spaces and private offices to the basics like a good cup of coffee).

What are the benefits?

From a sense of community and connectedness, to a space designed for wellbeing and productivity, the list of reasons people are flocking to coworking spaces is long. For us, three advantages of coworking really stand out:

Close-to-home and commute-free

Furnished & stocked with amenities

Flexibility with no long-term leases


All-inclusive workspace

Move-in Ready Workspace

On Demand

Coffee, Tea, & Refreshments

Thoughtful Interior Design

& Sanitization

Meeting Rooms & Spaces

Wireless Charging Points

Business Class WiFi

Friendly Community Team

Community Perks & Benefits


2021 update

From 2016-2020, we ran our own humble coworking space called “The Hub” which gained momentum and a loyal following of coworkers who made it their daily base. Like other businesses, we were forced to close the entire venue when COVID-19 hit. As we move towards a phased reopening of the venue, “The Hub” in its current form will remain on pause as we re-evaluate how we can implement and even expand a wider coworking experience into our business going forward. Plans are underway, so get on the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know about developments.

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