Announcing Two Big Upgrades to Village Point

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Introducing: Wedding Ceremonies & Civil Partnerships

Having recently celebrated our 3-year anniversary in business, we’ve also just hit another major milestone which we’re pleased to share today. Our team has been working hard over the past year to ensure we meet all the standards to become a fully certified venue to hold wedding ceremonies. A couple of weeks ago, we passed all the requirements and received our wedding licence, so we can now host complete weddings including ceremonies and civil partnerships, wedding breakfasts, and the evening celebrations.

With such a versatile space, this has opened up many new options for our wedding customers who can now host events from the morning right through to the early hours. For example, some of guests have already began planning to use our smaller space – The Lodge – for their more intimate ceremonies in the daytime, then moving across to larger Ballroom space for their evening celebration as more guests arrive. For guests with more attendees, we’ll be holding the ceremony in The Ballroom, then opening The Lodge as a secondary lounge space so guests can enjoy a quiet breakout area away from the entertainment during the evening.

These are just a few examples of how it’s added substantial value for our wedding guests. We’ve also created a new pricing structure to reflect the changes, so if you’re interested in booking a wedding event in 2020 and beyond, please enquire about availability through our homepage.


Introducing: Double-Speed Business Class WiFi

Today, we’re also announcing an immediate doubling of our already lightning-fast, business class WiFi. We’ve been focussed on rolling out a series of infrastructure improvements in preparation for increased usage as our coworking membership grows, so a speed increase has been at the top of our list.

People often ask, “How is business broadband different from my home Internet connection?” The simple answer is that your home Internet connection is usually shared between a large number of homes in your neighbourhood, so while BT, Virgin and other providers often publish high speed figures, the reality is that these are only theoretical maximums. Because the connection is shared, your “portion” of that bandwidth gets reduced as more of your neighbours get online, so your upload and download speeds get reduced and become inconsistent depending on which homes are online, who’s downloading what, and a number of other variables.

At Village Point, our fully allocated fibre optical “pipe” comes directly into the first floor of the building, and is not shared with any homes or businesses. This means we’re able to deliver a consistent 100Mbps lightning-fast download speed without interruption, and it really does have to be experienced to be appreciated (ask our members!). Webpages load in a flash, and large-capacity video files download in a handful of seconds. Without the drawbacks of home-based broadband, it just gets out of your way, allowing you to stay focused and get on with your work day. We’ve also made sure it’s fully accessible by distributing the connection through our top-notch, always-on WiFi system so no matter where you are in the venue, you’ll always have a business class connection. This is the first big step in our ongoing investment plan to upgrade and expand Village Point,



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